Table Top Cooker/Mixer KRjrαIH(IH)

Better quality for various cooking.

Table Top Cooker/Mixer KRjrαIH(IH)


Unique stirring, No scorching, Eazy to use.

Oblique axis mixing has no dead point in the pan. Scraping blades works very well at slow speed mixing and enables very efficient stirring without burnt.

Adjust the right speed for your product. It is changeable anytime in the process.

Applies variety of foods and just good for small amount cooking.

Choose stainless or copper pan. It is up to your product.

Blades moves like man hand. When blade inward scrapes material and blade outward scoop it up. They are always pushed to the pan by means of spring shaft.


Almond chocolat, Caramelized almond, Custard cream, White Nougat, Caramel, Jam, White sauce, Brown sauce, Onion sauté, Candy, Peanut cream, Fondant, Filling, Roux, Tomato paste, Soup, Fried vegetable / meat etc.



Power supply

AC 100V/230V

Heat source
Kettle capacity

※Other specifications than specified above are also available.